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Knoxville Lakes

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Lakes in Knoxville, Knox County, TN

Douglas Lake

Reservoir Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Beaman Lake 355922N 0835155W Shooks Gap
Bradley Lake 355835N 0840307W Bearden
Bud Hodge Lake 355832N 0840347W Bearden
Cardwell Lake 360524N 0835808W Fountain City
Chandler Lake (historical) 355953N 0840200W Bearden
Fort Loudoun Lake 354731N 0841436W Concord
Lake Ottosee 355956N 0835302W Knoxville
Lynnhurst Lake 360116N 0835541W Fountain City
Melton Hill Lake 355307N 0841801W Bethel Valley
Mill Lake 360517N 0835148W John Sevier

TVA operates the dams, locks, and reservoirs of the Tennessee River and its tributaries as one integrated system in order to provide multiple benefits for the region. These benefits include year-round navigation, flood damage reduction, affordable electricity, improved water quality and water supply, recreation, and economic growth.

TVA’s policy for operating the Tennessee River system affects how much reservoir levels rise and fall, when those changes occur, and the amount of water flowing through the system at different times of the year, depending on rainfall.

Tennessee Valley Authority operates many beautiful lakes which provide recreational opportunities for the public, including boating, fishing, picnicking, and parks.