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Knoxville Government

Knox County Emergency Communications District
- Knox911
General Information: 311
General Assistance: 211

Types of Government:
City Mayor and 9-member city council
County County Executive and 19-member county commission
Law Enforcement:
City Police
123 civilian
County Sheriff Personnel
1000 full time and part-time
Fire Department:
Full Time
Rural/Metro Fire Department
(serving Knox County)
Full Time

Terrorism Preparedness for Knoxville
KEMA has sponsored an interagency work group on terrorism issues since 1998. This group has examined and revised procedures for response to terrorism threats. Members of the workgroup include law enforcement, fire, EMS, EMA, Public Health, utilities, FBI, State Lab and DMORT.

Hazardous Materials Knoxville
Hazardous materials incidents are possible due to the major interstates and railways in Knox County on which hazardous materials are transported. There are also airports, gas and fuel pipelines and river barges. Major facilities surrounding Knox County include the Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, East Tennessee Technology Park (formerly K-25) and the Y-12 facility. I-75 and I-40 are routes used by DOE to courier shipments to and from Oak Ridge.

Earthquakes Knoxville - In 1993, a fault line was discovered in this area. In 1976 Knoxville experienced a 4.6 earthquake.

Disaster Recovery Funds Knoxville
Knoxville and Knox County, Town of Farragut, and McGhee Tyson Airport have received over $3 million dollars in disaster recovery funds from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and TEMA (Tennessee Emergency Management Agency) for the Blizzard of 93, Floods in 1994, Floods 1998, and the Tornado in 2000.

KEMA - Knoxville
The Knoxville-Knox County Emergency Management Agency is a joint City-County governmental office under the Chief elected officials (Mayor and County Executive) of the City of Knoxville and Knox County.

The Knoxville-Knox County Emergency Management Agency (KEMA) is the central point of contact for local government for all major emergencies and disasters. KEMA works in partnership with local state and federal agencies as well as industry and volunteer organizations.

KEMA's missions is defined in the Tennessee Code Annotated definition of disasters: severe weather, flooding, earthquake, drought, fire, enemy attacks, overt paramilitary actions, environmental contamination; industrial, nuclear or transportation accidents, energy emergencies to include transportation incidents involving nuclear materials.

Emergency Management functions defined by TCA "without limitation" are fire fighting, law enforcement, medical, health, rescue, engineering, warning and communications services as well as nuclear, biological and chemical defense; evacuation, emergency welfare and transportation, and public utility restoration.

KEMA provides support to a local government with a population in excess of 376,000 (not including the University of Tennessee) in a wide range of disaster planning, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery.

KEMA's activities include:
- Coordinate local, state and federal aid for presidential disaster declarations, and emergencies.
- Coordinates civil emergency preparedness for peacetime radiological accidents including nuclear power plants and Department of Energy facilities.
- Provides training, education and exercises to enhance the professional development of local emergency management.
- Plans to ensure continuity of government and coordination of resources during local, state and national security emergencies.

Emergency Operations Center "EOC" Knoxville
The Emergency Operations Center "EOC" in Knoxville is the central location for officials from City and County government, law enforcement, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, and Volunteer Aid Agencies, etc. to meet and coordinate response and recovery efforts during a disaster.

Mobile Command Post Knoxville
Known as the "Blue Goose," this command, control and communications vehicle was funded through FEMA, TEMA, KEMA and private donations. The Blue Goose has been used on police, fire, haz-mat incidents and special events. Depending upon the situation it is primarily staffed by police, fire, EMS, rescue, EMA or E-911 personnel to assist Incident Managers.

Knoxville Food Policy Council
Knoxville's Water Quality Forum

Senator Bob Corker
Lamar Alexander

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